Reiki Ultra Potential Therapeutic Equipment (Personal)

Product Specification
Rated Power Supply: AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption: 25 Watts
High Potential Output: 1500V 4500V 14000V
Negative Potential Output: -4500V -9000V -14000V
Light Wave/ Optical Output Voltage: 900V 1200V 1500V
Display: Wide Full Color HMI Screen
Default Therapy Time: 30 minutes
Operating Mode: Continuous

Cleansing Effects

These are all cleansing effects that the body will experience and it varies from person to person, because each body is different

Within the first 10days of using Izumi UPTE and HPTE toxins and harmful substances will be flushed out of the body in the forms of:

  • Urination
    - May become foamy, bubbly, yellowish and with foul odor
  • Fart and Burp
    - May become more frequent
  • Sweat
    - May become sticky (do not scratch)
  • Bowel
    - May become dark or darker and oily & with very foul odor

How to get better and faster result

  • Drink alkaline kangen water
  • Rest more with fresh and clean air
  • Keep balanced and nutritious diet
  • Routine massage and spa
  • Have enough quality sleep
  • Use UPTE/HPTE in the morning and evening constantly

When is the best time to have Izumi Ultra Potential Therapy

  • In the Morning
    - We need Ultra Potential Therapy in the morning hasten the flow of our vital nutrients and energy throughout our body s we could keep up the rest of our activities for the day
  • Before sleeping or at night
    - It is important for our body to have good rest at night cause it is when our body cells will regenerate and repair damaged cells

Healthy body! Healthy you!

Izumi Therapy is suitable for:

  • Whole family who want to live healthy
  • People who lack access to natural environments
  • Children & School-age students who need to have concentration
  • People who lack time to exercises regularly and routinely
  • People who work in the office that lack physical activity
  • People who stay in the city that is full of pollution and stress
  • Elderly people who want to live longer and prevent disease
  • People who have health problems: diabetes, stroke, hypertensions etc.