Holistic approach for best health and wellness–Nature's gift with Science

For decades, the Japanese have been declared as the healthiest people in the world. Not only do they boast of the longest lifespans and healthy life expectancy, they also have the lowest incidence of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. This can be attributed to the Japanese’s healthy lifestyle and their increased health awareness. Their wellness-centered behavior include regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, an increase in consumption of natural and organic produce, and usage of technological wellness products that aid in the rejuvenation of their body in response to today’s unhealthy environment and fast-paced lifestyle.

Since then we’ve expanded into a wider community which now offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. We continue to bring technologies from around the world to help you stick to your choice of healthy living. Here in Izumi Wellness Center, we believe that all communities deserve the best care and health and wellness. We aim to always be at the forefront of technology – we take nature’s gift and infuse it with science and are in continuous search for partnerships worldwide in pursuit of this goal.

Inspired by the Japanese holistic lifestyle and approach to wellness, Izumi was first introduced to the Philippines in 2008. It is the pioneer and was the first in introducing the shift to healthful kangen water to the local Philippine market.

Izumi Wellness Center has metamorphosed into a social enterprise that encourages and addresses your own search for the best in health and wellness. We quench your thirst for alternatives and proactive measures to better your health. Here, you find friends that eventually turn into family, and people that are on the same journey. Together, we take away the “I” and turn it into “WE,” transforming ILLNESS into WELLNESS.

Enjoy wellness for life, here with Izumi.

To be internationally recognized as the trusted Wellness Center for uplifting the quality of holistic health by integrating both natural and technological wellness systems into every Filipino family’s way of life.


For the clients to achieve total well-being by making use of natural and technological wellness systems thereby attaining physical relief and also prevention and therapy for several ailments of the body.


For the staff to be transformed and provided with opportunities for career growth and to be satisfied professionals with genuine commitment to serve and embody the Izumi Wellness Center Values.


For the Izumi Business Partners to share in the wealth and growing earning opportunities through wellness guided by their responsibility to the clients and the staff.