Transform illness into wellness, here's what Izumi Wellness customers say

Richard Yap

It’s my first time using the REIKI14000 but I already feel better and got to sleep better.

John Estrada

When my wife and I were researching, we saw that Izumi was the best in the market, that’s why we landed here. It’s very reliable. I’m sure we’ll be able to use our Digital Ionizer for how many years.

Priscilla Estrada

We’re so happy with Izumi, it also compliments my kitchen and I’ll be able to be healthy just like the Japanese. Thank you Izumi!

Bianca Manalo

From depending on water gallons, I now have my own Izumi Tri-Temp Bottleless Dispenser which ensures me with safe and clean drinking water. I only have to change my filters after how many months!

Janice De Belen

I finally have access to unlimited drinking water! Thanks to Izumi!

Dr. Edwin Bien

With all the sugar that we consume, our body becomes acidic. A lot of the acids in our body cause illnesses like heart attack, asthma and diabetes. Izumi Alkaline water neutralizes the acid in our body when we drink it. Having your own Izumi machine also ensures that your water is clean and untouched by unclean hands. Give your family the best water with Izumi!

Tesla 10000 Ultra Potential Therapeutic Equipment

Rated Power Supply AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 25 Watts
High Potential Output 3000V 6000V 10000V
Negative Potential Output -3000V -6000V -9000V
Light Wave/ Optical Output Voltage 700-1100V
Display LED Digital Screen
Default Therapy Time 30 minutes
Operating Mode Continuous
Dimension 280x220x500mm