High Potential Therapeutic Equipment (Healthtron)

Product Specifications

Rated Power Supply: AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption: 25 Watts
High Potential Output: 5000V 7000V 9000V
Negative Potential Output: -5000V -6000V -7000V
Light Wave/ Optical Output Voltage: 2800Vp-P
Display: LED Digital Screen
Default Therapy Time: 30 minutes
Operating Mode: Continuous
Dimension: 430mmx240mmx225mm

Health Benefits

Ultra Potential Therapy

  • Revives cellular activities and rejuvenates the cells of the body
  • Increases metabolism, purifies body fluids
  • Improves a person’s internal environment
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Suitable for people who have health problems such as: constipations, hypertension, cataract, kidney problems, diabetes, muscle stiffness, joint pains, etc.

Light Wave Therapy

  • Blood flows freely
  • Symptoms such as pain in the loins and back are relieved
  • For people who want beautiful hair, clean and clear face, slim and firm body
  • Removes excess fats
  • Stimulates metabolism

Negative Potential Therapy

  • Balances body pH level and makes the blood more alkaline
  • Decreases the velocity off the blood and purifies the blood
  • Promotes blood circulation and body’s micro-circulation
  • Activates the cell by activating the ATP enzyme in the cell
  • Tones down the autonomic nerve
  • Supplies the static energy needed by the human body
  • Stimulates metabolism