Tesla 10000 Ultra Potential Therapeutic Equipment

Product Speifications:
Rated Power Supply: AC 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption: 25 Watts
High Potential Output: 3000V 6000V 10000V
Negative Potential Output: -3000V -6000V -9000V
Light Wave/ Optical Output: 700-1100V
Display: LED Digital Screen
Default Therapy Time: 30 minutes
Operating Mode: Continuous
Dimension: 280x220x500mm

It is the latest multi-functional device invented from research and development in Japan. The Izumi Tesla 10000 Ultra Potential Therapeutic produces electric energy and negative ions to activate cells, increase metabolism, repair weak cells, promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Izumi TESLA 10000 can generate electric energy that is useful to reactivate more than 230 types of cells in our body and negative ions that also adjust and recover weak cells.